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10 Steps To Starting Your Own Agency

Are you considering how to start your own private duty nursing or home health or home care or home infusion therapy service or niche concierge home care or nursing service?  This 25-page free workbook covers the 10 essential facets of building a successful practice.    Use this resource when you are considering consultation services or Blueprint courses.   Here’s To Your Success!  Onward and Upward!

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Starting a health care business can be a complex, expensive and challenging task if you have never done it before. There are licensing and regulatory requirements, the actual building of the business structure, and ongoing operations to consider. The learning curve is steep! Hiring experts makes common sense. However; business consulting fees can be out of the reach of your budget. Many will turn to buying into the franchise model with the systems and operations pre-built for you: a sort of plug and play model. There are problems with this model as well: once you have paid your initial fees and your agency is up and running- you will be limited financially by ongoing royalties and from growth by the requirement that you purchase more territories to expand your business or service model.

At North Star we have solved the gap between expensive consulting fees and the sticky franchise structure. We have created a consulting structure that is comprehensive, convenient and affordable. If you are considering building a Home Health Care agency, a Private Duty Nursing Agency, a Home Care agency, a Home Infusion Therapy Services program or a specialized concierge model- we have the systems and experts to put you in charge- affordably and conveniently.

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The Plan begins with a dream…a sense of how you would do things if you were in charge. Although your dream may be filled with drive and passion, you need to know- will this plan work? Are all of the nuts and bolts there? Is there a market? Do I have the resources needed to start my own business? Time to look for a North Star to guide your decision. Schedule a free discovery call with an accredited business consultant and licensed expert to see if you have what it takes.

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What if you had a Blue Print of how to start your own Home Health, Private Duty Nursing, Home Care or Home Infusion Therapy Services program that was written and created and taught by successful entrepreneurs who have done this thing before? Our Blue Print To Success Programs take you through the A to Z of building your own agency. We teach you how to create a business from the ground up and provide the tools, templates, systems and knowledge needed to succeed. Let us show you how!

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Through consultants and coaches, we provide you with the resources needed for your ongoing educational and training needs. We offer personalized support onsite or remotely depending on your needs and budget. We can create an educational program for your staff that is personalized to your agency and meets licensing or accreditation standards. We also offer a monthly subscription that will meet your ongoing challenges of a thriving agency! We act as expert guides, navigating you to your North Star.

NorthStar Medical Consulting

Take Charge Of Your Nursing Practice Now

There has never been a better time to take control of your life and destiny and build your own practice. As a Nurse or Health Care Professional, you may be well suited for agency ownership. If You are value and purpose driven, have good understanding of people, and know what excellent care looks like and you understand what it takes to provide it- this is an excellent way for you to shine! Let us help you pave your way to success today!