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What Is Home Health?

Due to the aging of baby boomers and increased life expectancy, the number of senior citizens over the age of 65 is increasing every year. With this growing population comes the increasing need for medical care within the home. Establishing an accredited Home Health Agency is an excellent opportunity to provide much-needed services to the aging and disabled-and we’re here to show you how to do it!

The “skilled care” provided must be overseen by a physician requiring orders & communication and the patient must be homebound requiring a “skilled need.” These needs may include:

● Nursing
● Physical Therapy
● Occupational Therapy
● Speech Therapy
● Registered Dietitian
● Social Services
● Home Health Aide Services

Purpose of Home Health Care

The goal of home health care is for the patient to remain safely within the home while services such as nursing and therapy are provided. This allows the patient to recover and rehabilitate without the need for further hospitalization or placement in a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility. Skilled care is only provided by licensed and trained professionals.

Medicare Accredited Home Health Agency

An accredited Home Health Agency is licensed through the state as well as Medicare. The 3 Accrediting agencies- Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC), Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP), and Joint Commission (JC) have deeming authority and can be contracted to provide this survey and accreditation on behalf of Medicare. An accredited Home Health Agency is considered the “Gold Standard” for billing and allows for care to be billed through Medicare, State Medicaid, and other insurances through contracts.

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How We Help

Start-up for a Medicare accredited home health agency is a complex, expensive and lengthy process. North Star Medical consultants have expertise in Medicare accredited Home Health Agency start-ups. As previous Home Health agency owners and certified Home Health Consultants with decades of experience, we can guide owners through this process from the beginning and onward. The money spent on consulting is well-spent- saving time and avoidance of the pitfalls of ownership. There are no franchise fees, royalty’s, or hidden costs. You remain in the driver’s seat. We simply help you find and navigate your North Star.